I visited Annapolis Royal in 2015 when visiting Canada (from the United Kingdom) and was very fortunate to encounter Clementsport Antiques, probably the best antique shop we have ever found. Nestled in a very quiet area of Nova Scotia, it provides an absolutely wonderful service and truly original antiques. We have shipped many items, sourced by Fritzi and Dieter specially for us, and I can unreservedly recommend this amazing antique business to the international community. Professor Charles V Clark
Consultant Surgeon
London, England
We enjoy browsing antique shops and acquiring rare and fine quality pieces. After buying a summer home outside of Annapolis Royal we were surprised and delighted to find Clementsport Antiques, truly a gem in the area. The owner, Fritzi Mittellehner, has the knowledge and experience to collect outstanding and unusual pieces for her shop. There is something for everyone in this delightful stop and we found that Fritzi is honest and reliable when both buying and selling. Clementsport Antiques is a must see for anyone who enjoys high quality antiques and a wide selection. Kenneth and Susan Nulman - Providence, Rhode Island, USA
When I first visited Clemensport Antique I was struck by quality and variety of pieces offered for sale. The store presents wide stock of precious items and what is very unusual, the owner has knowledge and history of every piece. You can find furniture of the periods, art signed by artists, unique pieces of glass and chick, vintage garment of famous designers. Absolutely worth of dropping by and browse for hours.... Barb - Interior Designer
European elegance with an artistic touch. As a serious collector of china, this was a really worthwhile visit. ***** (Five stars) Mary Beaumont, Worcestershire, UK.
Too many so-called “antique shops” are just glorified garage / yard sales, or what the Brits call “junk shops”. The collection at Clementsport Antiques oozes affordable quality in a location that is hard to beat. This is a “must visit” for serious antiques aficionados. David Orkin, author of Nova Scotia: the Bradt Travel Guide
To enter Fritzi’s antique shop is an adventure. Each room full of wonderful surprises. From antique costumed dolls to original paintings and so much more. It is very hard to find the words to describe what a pleasure it is to visit Fritz’s Antique Shop. 5 Stars Herm & Connie
From elegance of form to Chinoiserie Chic, this is the place to go. Adore Fritzi and her amazing shop. Rosemary
We discovered Clementport Antiques through tourist information in Annapolis Royal. Though off the beaten track, it was a pleasant drive through the countryside and worth the effort to find. The shop's owner, Friederike, will guide you through a carefully curated collection of traditional and old world antiques, textiles and her own intricately crafted artistic creations. Chief amongst these is her fabulous collection of hand made dolls, which will invoke thought and delight. Free of clutter and spotlessly clean with a warm European flavor, we recommend a visit ! Thomas

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